I love this picture of myself. Posing in Daddy’s shirt. Maybe I should send this to him now since he’s away to remind him of what he’s left waiting for him at home…. ~

Now that I’m not on Neverland.
You messed up my brain.
I blame you.
Stop it.
Stop being yummy.
But —



the 90s at hogwarts tho

  • kids putting the clueless fuzzy pen toppers on their wands
  • snap bracelets that hex the person you slap them on
  • students customizing their robes with bedazzlers and puffy paint
  • fred and george transfiguring every single bird in the owlery into a furby
  • enchanted stick on earings that play music for the wearer
  • denim dress robes
  • bewitching quills to write in gel pen ink
  • hacky sack on brooms
  • lisa frank notebooks with magical creatures on them
  • releasing the snitch into a quidditch match using a sky dancer platform
❝ I think it’s intoxicating when somebody is so unapologetically who they are. ❞

- Don Cheadle


For those of you who hate Mondays 

She is beautiful.
There’s no one like her.
She’s hilarious.
And intelligent.
Her spirit is energizing.
Loving her is easy.
She’s original and spunky.
She’s fun and outgoing.
I love her laugh.
I love her giggle.
I love when we’re Little.
We color and snuggle.
Her smiles shine.
When she’s sad, it hurts.
She’s honest and open.
I feel like she doesn’t hide from me.
I want to wrap her in my arms.
I want to make her smile.
Cause she’s made me smile since we met.
She made me smile since before we met.
Loving her is easy.

I love you. ❤



And when he had crossed the bridge, the phantoms came to meet him.

Nosferatu, 1922 | F. W. Murnau.